That is me there. I'm this happy that you're coming along for the Snuggle Tour Journey!

Check your email to confirm your subscription with me and I'll be happy to roll out the info about the Snuggle Tour as it gets solidified.  Feel free to look around my site, check out my course for those that want some bare basics for getting started with an agency or check out at my blog here to learn more if you're new to the professional snuggling world or just want to hear what my experiences have been like.  Some popular blog posts are...

What to do if you get sexually excited during a session (a common question I get from clients)

What Makes a Great Professional Snuggler? (if you're considering becoming one, these are important to consider before you do)

I'm Not Just Here to Snuggle (an admittedly emotional outburst about what I offer when I give snuggling my clients)