The Snuggle is Real: Testimonials



Sam is amazing! Her affection is like a magic wand: she makes stress, loneliness and other negative energies disappear into thin air. If you happen to be a person who lives alone, I actually believe that visits to Sam can improve your health. She has the same affect many credit to meditation or yoga: clearing your mind, reducing your stress levels, removing negative energy. I absolutely recommend her service


I'm rather bummed. I did all sorts of rushing around to get home and showered up in time... I wish you'd sent at least one inquiry ("still coming?" or something like that) before scratching me. I don't know where my middle email went, but I hope you can understand how frustrating this is.


Sam is one of the best pro cuddlers I've seen thus far! She has the strongest commitment to this work I've ever seen. She made me feel grounded and safe which cultivated a quiet and peaceful space where we melted away in cuddles. I felt like I had emotionally come home in a way that I never had before. Best of luck on your cuddle tour around the country, hope to see you again soon!


Sam is awesome! She’s very friendly and talkative, which is great because I love talking! She gives great hugs, she’s great to cuddle with, and she treats me like a good friend instead of just a client, and that means the world to me. Sometimes, a good friend is all you need. :)



My time with Sam was a wonderful experience. She is warm, open, caring and has a kind heart. Sam really is committed to comforting and caring for you during your time together. I was able to forget about my stress and other issues. She made me feel relaxed and uplifted at the same time. I found myself smiling for no reason, for the first time in a long time. I really look forward to seeing you again, Sam. You really are a wonderful person.


There is clearly a pattern of well earned plaudits and I can attest that she earned them by being attentive and professional.

Cuddling with Sam was a nurturing and heartwarming experience that is definitely worth repeating. She has mastered the craft of cuddling and takes great care to ensure you are comforted.

I really enjoyed my four hours so much I asked for another hour halfway through. She has a great wingspan and long legs that are perfect for being the little spoon and or when she makes herself into a chair. I hope that she continues cuddling and she comes back on another tour.


What a disappointing meeting. But... I'm glad I cut it short!


Sam is so amazing, I’ve been her client for over 3 years and she’s always been amazing support! I always look forward to our sessions because she’s so warm and she makes you feel safe. Plus she happily watches most anything you recommend! If you haven’t cuddled her at least once, you’re missing out big time!


I really enjoyed our session, but I think that - for the time being, anyway - it's not the right thing for me. I thought you were great and I'd be happy to recommend you to people, but it didn't really have the effect on me that I'd hoped it would.


Wow...can't thank you enough for the insights you caused tonight. And my god... [it was] eye opening (no pun intended) that it was seeing compassion in your eyes that made it hard for me keep eye contact with you because I was afraid it was going to make me cry. I didn't expect that. I needed that knowledge. Seeing that compassion in your eyes, even for a minute, was bringing up all the damn grief I am pushing so far down deep inside me right now and made me afraid of falling apart - something I so want to be able to do but haven't been able to.