The Snuggle is Real: Testimonials



"If you asked me to sum my time with Sam in a word, I would simply be unable to do so. Sam's personality, charm, sense of humor and genuine care for your needs makes her one of the best cuddlers you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. Sam wanted to know about me first and foremost, which was reassuring in that the session was specifically designed to fit my needs.

Upon her arrival, we both felt very at ease. Her charming personality made any nervousness or awkwardness disappear within minutes. Sam's ability to understand, interpret and adjust to my needs was what made the evening wonderful. She proved herself not only as a world class cuddler and snuggler, but as a world class person who I would be honored to call 'friend'. My time with her was brief, but her memory and genuine desire to leave a positive effect on me will last a lifetime. I will never forget our time together and I will always fondly remember snuggling with Sam."


"Really good at helping me find a comfortable position."

"I like feeling like I'm getting a full-body hug with your arms and legs!"

"TOTALLY WORTH IT... I felt blissful and free for the whole week. It was very liberating."


"...simply wonderful. It's strange to me that how I can just be myself around you and trust you with my thoughts and feelings. I think the supposedly awkward 'nice-to-meet-you' phase was also surprisingly short.

...You are an amazing person. Simply, you make me happy, and that is awesome."


A., Phd Biophysics Ms psychology

"Samantha is very professional andI find the cuddling to be extremely therapeutic. I am grateful for her service."


"Snuggling with Sam is a wonderful experience, she can chase away pretty much any bad day.  She'll do whatever you're comfortable with and she'll talk to you about anything.  And even though she's modest about her qualification to do so, she gives wonderful advice, which is always appreciated...  I always look forward to our snuggle sessions."