Have you ever heard of a professional snuggler before?


I did back in 2015.

I was a construction engineer with a good job, but I was drowning in debt from a college degree and a new car, the things that I thought successful people were supposed to have. Despite all the stuff, I felt nothing like a success at the time. I liked my work, but it meant I could barely save and I would consistently have $5 left in the bank at the end of the month.

That day in late October, I was looking for something to do to help me with my debt problem. But admittedly, I wasn't looking very hard. I just liked to read emails about people that were doing cool things to make money on the side. When I read in passing that professional snuggling existed, I stopped everything I was doing and googled it. I found at the top of the listings an agency that had people in my area. People were paying $80 an hour to snuggle with people, and the agency paid us half of that. I would make $40 an hour. I jumped at the possibility and was ready to dive right in and work for a company. I mean, they let me work around my schedule and I can have people come to my home for as few as two hours a week? And I can make $40 an hour? It sounded perfect to me! I signed up with the first company I could. I thought, it's a big company with lots of people. They would train me if they thought I needed to learn more, right? They must have trained hundreds of people by now, so they must know everything I need to know to get started!


I was Wrong. They hired me quickly with almost no real training.


I was so nervous and felt so underprepared for my first session. I didn't know what to ask when the agency gave me the chance to freely ask questions at the beginning, and I was able to ask a few questions before my first session. But the questions started flooding in as the time I was supposed to meet my first client got closer...

How do I start cuddling with someone I just met? Will people know I just started and actually have no idea what I'm doing? Should I text someone where I am for this? Am I really about to cuddle a stranger that I've never met and expect them to pay me? Won't it be really awkward to cuddle with them, then take payment and just sort of leave? Why does someone want this? What on earth do I do if they start touching me... like, the way only my boyfriend would be allowed to? What if they start doing something weird, like rock their hips into me while spooning? What if... what if they start taking off their clothes?! What do I do then?

I had so many questions, and while some of them got answered by the agency and their Getting Started training (which really was just emergency information at best and making sure they tell you to take payment before the session so they can get paid at worst), there were so many I didn't have answers for.  Not only that, but I started running into many other scenarios that I had no idea how to handle, one of them being...


Professional snuggling is still so new, so different, and so misrepresented that it was bringing potential clients that thought it was an undercover sexual service.


There's tons of people that think that you will happily offer sexual services to them for what a session costs (many agencies charge between $60-$100 an hour and you get half). But nothing could be further from the truth. Even worse, some I reached out to offered to give me extra money for "extra services"... not what I had in mind when I thought of making $40 an hour cuddling.

I luckily didn't run into any problems until I hit about two months into working as a professional snuggler. When talking with the agency about what happened one night after a particularly difficult client that kept crossing my boundaries by touching my chest and doing it again and again after I already told him to stop, I asked them how to handle something like that if it were to happen again.

Their response? They told me that the situation "didn't sound that bad."


I felt like the agency wasn't listening to me.  they just wanted to send me leads to work with and get paid.


I started running into these characters more often. They didn't want to cuddle. They wanted... something else. And I wasn't going to offer it to them. It was a waste of both of our time to meet each other only to find out that they thought "cuddling" was a codeword for something!

I didn't want to quit doing this work because I had been doing this work for three months and I had seen at least 10 different people that I had wonderful experiences with. These were people that found me through the agency and wouldn't have normally.

They were the late-in-life-diagnosed autistic.

They were the constantly-traveling financial consultants.

They were the single dad, stressed-out-to-the-max accountants.

They were the newly single PhD students.

They were the local restaurant owner.

They were the local recent grad that is uncontrollably anxious.

They were the alcoholic that was tired of trying to escape their problems with booze.

And many, many more people.

I didn't want to leave the field and not work with the people that really needed this. I wanted to make sure I could still work with them (not to mention that at $40 an hour, my bank account wanted me to still work with them).  I wasn't sure if I could do a better job attracting the volume of people the agency could though, so there was no way I could try this on my own yet.

I looked at other agencies, but I wasn't happy with the level of support they offered either! At the time, it seemed that agencies were really good at getting leads but terrible at training and support!


So I stayed with the agency I started with and continued working under them, but I made it work the only way I knew how to:


By re-engineering the process.

I didn't meet with anyone until I talked to them.

I learned to listen better to others' needs and what they were trying to say.

I made my own system for taking payment, starting a session, and ending a session.

I tested out ways to talk about boundaries.

I tested and perfected and tested again so I could do this as effortlessly and naturally as possible.


And my clients loved this.


I filtered out clients that wouldn't abide by my code of conduct or boundaries.

The clients I actually met with were much better clients than I had before.

They wanted to see me again and again.

And, even better, my clients started improving in areas of their life outside of the sessions.

I felt so good about the work I was doing!


it was then that i realized: there's so many snugglers through the agency that don't know about this. i should share this with them.


The agency had many snugglers listed on the website, but several had come on and off of the website listing. I noticed that in the time I had been on there, all new snugglers were listed in my area and the ones that were on the site when I joined just months before were nowhere to be found.

I shared it with the supervisor I worked with, and he did virtually nothing with it. Months went by and more snugglers came in and out. When I asked about the turnover, my supervisor mentioned that they had "one bad experience and decided they didn't want to do this anymore."

I felt awful. I had no way of contacting these people while in the agency either, so it was frustrating to not be able to do anything to help them.  The revolving door continued, and I started seeing terrible reviews and articles of people trying their hand at the professional snuggling industry with no training.


stories of professional snugglers getting into not just sketchy, but outright dangerous situations!


Snugglers not knowing that sessions were fully clothed.

Snugglers meeting people for overnight sessions without ever meeting a client.

Snugglers meeting people at small motels.

Snugglers meeting people that are on recreational drugs like Molly or acid.

I couldn't stand by that knowing that this was happening. And there's no way at this time I can get people to stop going to these agencies, but I could give them the information to do well and stay safe.

If you're still reading this, you'll probably apply to work for one of these companies and be underprepared. And I really don't want you to be another horror story in the professional snuggling industry. I want you to do really well like I have. When I was working part time in this work, I was able to pay my monthly rent in the Greater Boston area with the money I made!


That's why I present to you:

Snuggle Safety: Personal Protocols to Consider in the Professional Snuggling Industry


In this guide, you will receive everything you need to get through and feel comfortable with your first few sessions as a professional snuggler. With it, you'll be able to go to almost any agency you'd like to become a professional snuggler to get listed on their site and start seeing clients comfortably.

I started getting potential clients a day after I was listed on the agency website, so it's not a matter of getting clients to work with. That you can do without me. That's what big agencies are for.

What I'm more concerned about is getting you into this field safely. With your questions answered. With you feeling confident about what it is you're getting into. And without fumbling around and unsure what to do with the right clients.


I've taken my processes and explained them in detail for you.  In Snuggle Safety: Personal Protocols, you'll learn:

  • How to pre-screen your clients in a way the agencies won't to make sure you're seeing people that genuinely want the service
  • How to safely give directions to your clients and meet with your clients so that you feel safe
  • My checklist for preparing my space so that my clients are comfortable and my valuables protected
  • My procedures for meeting a client, starting a session, and ending a session so that the session runs smoothly and comfortably
  • How I talk to a client if they cross one of my boundaries, such as touching erogenous zones AND
  • How to proactively stop boundaries being crossed altogether!


Maybe you've seen the agencies around and weren't sure if it was something you were ready to do. I don't blame you.

And maybe you've even read several horror stories about professional snuggling not going well. Just look to Google and see for yourself.

I don't want you to be like those articles.

Maybe you've looked at other websites too that do offer training. I'll be the first to say that I'm not the only one offering training. There's many that offer much more extensive training that are several hours long for costs ranging up to $3,200!

You'd have to do 80 hours of cuddling before you make up that cost! And if you think that's two weeks worth of full-time cuddling, good luck with that. I do 20 hours of cuddling on a really, really good week and I've been doing this for over two years.

But here's the thing. This field isn't regulated yet. I'm sure it will be a few years from now, but this field is so new that it's hard to specify training regulations. And the agencies that are getting the people visiting their sites and looking for a professional snuggler are ones that don't bother with training. It's another cost for them to worry about. I wanted to give you something that you can use to get started right away and maximize your snuggling skills and safety so you don't end up like my fellow snuggler from the agency I worked for and stop sometime within 3 months because of a safety issue. You probably want to make money on the side or to hold you over for a bit, and I want you to be able to do that. And I want you to be able to do that for a while without having to put yourself in hundreds of dollars in debt before you can make a profit doing this.


That's why my short but essential course and interactive workbook can take you less than two hours to finish, will help you understand what you need to do to get started and stay safe, and it will cost you...

$99. That's right. Just $99.


That means if you take this course, then apply to any agency and work just 2 hours with them, you'll make your money back and then some.

I like to think that your safety and education as a professional snuggler is worth more than $99. That's why this is the lowest price you'll see me offer this. I'm offering it this low because this will be enough to get you started. I will be updating this course and making it better and you'll get access to the new course when it comes out for not a single penny more, so lock in your pricing for the course by buying it now!

Don't wait. Get the insider price so that you can get your copy for the lowest it will be offered!