Snuggle Tour Stories


In the summer of 2018, I toured the country. Below are the chapters I will be writing over the next few months from that trip.

Chapters will be released and linked below when I write/do the audio for these. Check back here often for updates!

1. Conception: When I turned around and stood up to go on tour

2. Going-away party: Receiving Fully From my Friends that Were Encouraging Me


3. This city sucks-- I Got Triggered within the First Hour

4. Oh hey, a freelance writer overheard my coffee talk in this Starbucks

5. Film festival- why are people so suspicious of other people?

6. New Moon with my coach on Long Island

7. HugFest was surprising results

8. Am I Going to Run out of Money Before I Get Started?  How I Began to Pivot

9. Teaching an Actor How to Not Abuse Women Unnecessarily: My Contribution to the #MeToo Movement in an Apartment in Harlem

10. Whelp, I can’t cuddle here-- Finding a hotel last minute with a client that took a bus out from CT to see me

11. No Really, How are you REALLY Doing? Plus meeting Cuddlers: Jenna and Ethan

12. Meeting RaeLew, a brand new cuddler, and learning the beginning struggles

13. The Pride Parade: My Replacement for my Failed Workshop Event


14. The City of Brotherly Love is Friendly AF: First impressions

15. I’m So Glad I Have Friends Here

16. Working with someone with MS

17. Wow, I Really Can Do So Much Better with Communicating

18. Working with someone in the world chess tournament

19. Doing a 25-hour Cuddlethon

20. Oh God, Cuddling this Much Requires I Self-Care Differently: How I Did

21. This City Needs People: Talking to Cassandra in Philly

22. Wow, Philly Does Crime Management and Police Involvement Much Better These Days After Fucking Up Publicly

23. More Hours Here in a Week than a Month in Boston: Having Brunch with Potential Cuddlers

24. My Birthday in Philly: A Quiet and Chill Reprieve with Friends


25. My Struggles with Getting a Rental Car in Michigan without a Credit Card

26. Michigan is a Driving State: My Cuddler from Ohio

27. The Most Passionate New Cuddler I’ve Ever Met: Meeting AndiCuddles

28. My two-day vacation on trip: Meeting up with my Boyfriend from Boston

29. Vacation Day: We Crashed a BBQ and got free Beer, Burgers, and all the Pizza We Could Eat

Home for a Week

30. I love my friends and they love me: About Building Expectations with Your Friends

31. I love my clients and they love me: About my one day back from tour for clients

32. Seeing my family: How to Improve communication with your family


33. Putting myself out there: Talking with hostelmates that happen to be downstairs

34. Whoops, I done F*cked Up: How I Messed Up a Potential Meeting with a Cuddler

35. It’s okay if you get something out of it: Coaching a Cuddler while getting lost in the park

36. I’m not the only cuddler doing this fulltime: sitting down with Keely Shoup

37. I Ended up in Madelon Guinazzo’s kitchen until 11pm and got a ride to my hotel from her the next day

38. I Don’t Care What You Like to Do, Just Tell me Beforehand (the guy that used pipecleaners on my feet without telling me)

39. What part of “platonic, nonsexual” don’t you understand? The guy that asked if he could touch my boobs

40. I got the royal treatment: How I Self-Cared in Chicago at the Westin

41. Crap, I’m the one Feeling Lonely Now: When I Realized I Might Need a Cuddler


42. Why Did I think It was a Good idea to Come to Texas In the Summer?

43. Why Does Everyone do Everything Last minute here?

44. Meeting Allyssa: The Cuddle Companion, a Renaissance Woman

45. Meeting Shane Orton

46. Transformation with Ease and Compassion Workshop

47. Going to Authentic Relating Games and Putting Myself Out There

48. Yes, Let’s Cuddle! My First Interactions with People That Admitted to My Face That They Wanted to Work with Me

49. Meeting Corwin, the first male professional cuddler I’ve met and the struggles of men in professional cuddling

50. Meeting Michael, someone I wish was doing better

51. Seeing the Bats with my Nursing Student Hostelmate

52. Getting Found on Instagram: My Conversation with Genevieve, a cuddler from the West Coast

53. Oh, hey, I think I know What I Want to Create Now-- My Eye Opening Moments of What My Work is Supposed to be While On Tour

54. Guiding Zany, someone I want to see do Well in Professional Cuddling.

55. Oh Shit, I might run out of money


56. Wow, Way To Not Communicate Properly at All: My AirBnB Host and her silent insecurities

57. Meeting Instagram contacts because why not: How I Got on a Podcast and Free Marketing Advice I Chose not to Fully Accept

58. Going Blues Dancing

59. You’re going to argue over my $5 Travel Fee but not my $90/hour fee? Okay then.

60. Can You Trust Me to Tell You When I’m Not Comfortable? My 5-hour Bedtime Cuddle

61. Where Are all These People Coming from?! When People Suddenly Started Finding me from almost literally everywhere

62. Shit, I Got Spoiled: The Night I had to Move Hotels

63. Guys Have Limits Too. Ask Them What They Are.

64. Meeting Nikki, a part time Cuddlist

65. Meeting Rhiannon, a Cuddlist that is still in school but loves publicity marketing.

66. Meeting Cathy, a 49-year old cuddler in a demanding marriage that has evolved so much over time (and meeting her teenage daughter)

Going home

67. The transportation in Denver is dope AF

68. Reflection in the airport over beer

69. Seeing Noah, the wonderful man I came home to

70. Going back into my apartment after Tour

71. Transitioning Home: How Much My Life Has Changed, and Accidentally Scaring one of my clients at home

72. This is Weird. I’m Not Traveling Constantly Anymore.

73. Do I Have to Stay Here? My Thoughts on Moving (maybe, possibly, idk).