What is Find a cuddler?


Find a Cuddler is a platform for clients to connect with professional cuddlers... but not just any cuddlers. This will be a community of cuddlers that have been time-tested and have shown their dedication to this field. They have been in this work for at least 6 months. They have taken some type of training specifically for cuddlers. They’ve committed to the minimum standards of conduct in professional cuddling. Most importantly, they have a passion for the work they do.

Why is this being created?

While traveling the U.S between June and August of 2018, I got the chance to meet with many professional cuddling clients and other professional cuddlers. I found that:


  1. Clients were frustrated with trying to find reliable cuddlers. Many platforms allow anyone to sign up to be a professional cuddler, but that didn’t guarantee that a cuddler would reach out when a potential client asked to work with them. It also didn't guarantee that they would even give them a quality cuddle.  Yes, some professional cuddlers are naturals, but this lack of bar of entry makes it hard for clients to find reliable cuddlers that they can see this way.

  2. Professional cuddlers were struggling to build a business independent of existing platforms.  SESTA/FOSTA did some good, but it also severely limited professional cuddlers’ main marketing methods, and it showed that other platforms are volatile and could disappear at any time, which is terrifying to many that rely on professional cuddling platforms.

  3. Professional Cuddlers and potential clients alike have been getting sexual requests from the person they’re working with. This shows a bigger issue: understanding of our service offering is not guaranteed in this field, and code of conduct among cuddlers is not guaranteed either.  This puts cuddlers that just want to cuddle at risk, and it makes this work harder for cuddlers to trust that their clients will honor the platonic nature of this work.


Find a Cuddler will address these problems by:


  1. Allowing clients to find trusted, vetted, interviewed-personally-by-me cuddlers that they can trust will be doing this work for a while and have no plans to stop doing this work ethically, professionally and with a caring heart.

  2. Helping cuddlers distinguish themselves as a true professional by being listed on a trusted platform, but also by helping cuddlers gain independence over their personal practice. We may support them by helping them find clients, but ultimately we want to help them create a thriving independent practice.

  3. Educating the public about professional cuddling as a community effort so that we can better find and help the people that most would benefit from this work. This will include guest posts from cuddlers internationally.


who is it for?

This platform will be for people that may want to work with a professional cuddler but have struggled finding a reliable one near them. They may have worked with professional cuddlers before and now struggle to find a cuddler to consistently go to, and they want to find someone in their area that they can trust knows what they’re doing and aren’t going to stop doing professional cuddling anytime soon.


If that’s you, I’d love to have you sign up to get information on professional cuddling and to get notified when there’s a cuddler in your area!


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This platform is also for professional cuddlers that are:


  • At least six months into their professional cuddling practice

  • Have a recognized cuddling training program complete

  • Wants a platform to build their own self-sufficiency through marketing, branding, personal media attention, and getting support from a community of experienced cuddlers that want to help see you grow.


If that’s you, I’d love for you to apply!

Application is free until October 1st!