Please Keep Seeing Your Therapist: What Professional Snuggling Is Supposed to Be

I in no shape or form think I am a therapist, although some of my clients may treat me as one. Some of my clients will never seek treatment for their situations-- trauma, anxiety, depression, isolation, etc.-- outside of a professional snuggling session. For some, that's okay. For others, they may need a therapist so they can work through dealing with their situations on a long-term level.

I often get compared to a therapist. Yes, I can have a therapeutic affect on people-- I am proud of my ability to sense where someone's energy is and get a feel for how to appropriately respond and be supportive for them-- but I don't have a license as a therapist. I do have my Reiki level 1 practitioner license, and I'm about to get some additional training in Circling. Also those mad cuddling skills I have from doing this professionally for so long, but that goes without saying.

But really, I'm not a therapist and I have no intentions to replace your current one. I have my own therapist and I have a life coach, and what I've learned from them is directly applicable in my own life, but I am not nearly as effective as a therapist that can dive into their own well of knowledge and expertise to directly help your problems.

So what am I here for? Giving you a breather.

It's so easy to get caught up in everything that life throws at us and not know what to do. We get revved up with energy or we lose all of our energy in one go. Therapists help us develop the tools to deal with these on a mental and emotional level. I work with you so we can melt away your situations on a physical and emotional level. I'm one of many different therapeutic services that can benefit people, and I recognize that this service is only one part of a person's personal solution to becoming a better person.