For my Fellow Empaths Affected by the News, This is For You.


Puerto Rico.




Middle East.

And many, many other things that come up.

I personally don't watch the news much because of how much it affects me. Besides, the important things that I can influence always find a way to me as needed.

But the past few weeks, not hearing about these disasters and tragedies is impossible no matter where you turn. And as an empath, this is so, so hard to hear and bear the weight of these wild emotions from the news, articles, social media, and your closest friends. Not only that, but if others know you as an empath, they probably go to you for comfort.

But who comforts you? Do you have an outlet to release your own emotions, which have probably been escalated from absorbing others' emotions? How are you comforted knowing that you can only do so much to affect the situation? Are you able to keep going on with your life while carrying this or do you feel weighed down by it all?

My fellow empaths, you are some of the most feeling people that give this world hope. Whereas many have been desensitized, your feelings are what help people realize that we are humans with individual thoughts and emotions. It is through that ability to feel that change will come into the world.

But that change can't happen if we're paralyzed from feeling so much. Self-care is not just a nice thing to give ourselves, but it's essential for us to continue feeling, loving and driving forward.

Some possibilities: Remember to shower. Brush your teeth. Go get a massage. Talk to someone you trust. Take a hot bath. Ask for a hug. Unplug for a while. Put on headphones and listen to music. Exercise. Bundle yourself in soft blankets. Go for a walk. Read a fiction book. Play a video game. Hide from the world for a few. Do whatever you need to do so you can let these pent-up emotions seep out of you and lessen their effect on you.

And, if you feel the need to come see me for a professional therapeutic snuggle session, I'm happy to listen.

But please do whatever it is you need to in order to take care of yourself, whether it's with me or not.