How Often Can You Book a Professional Cuddle Sessions?

Sometimes when I check in on a client that saw me before they tell me they weren’t sure how long they would have to wait before they could book another session. They were worried I would say no if it was too soon, and they were worried that maybe I didn’t like them.

So let’s make something clear. We’re talking about a basic human need here. You might get some of it, but I highly doubt you’re full-on cuddling with someone for an hour or more regularly. If you are, good for you! But if you’re not, it’s not weird at all to want to replendish your touch sooner rather than later.

That said, I if I’m cuddling with someone new to the world of professional cuddling, I typically ask new clients to wait a day or two after a cuddle session before they think about getting more cuddles in. They might think they want to come in sooner than they actually want to.

I do recommend you come in more than once to see if you have lasting effects and learn more about you and yourself through sessions, but I can’t prescribe for you how often you should come in. Unlike massage (which from what I’ve seen they generally recommend once a month), there’s too many factors that would change affect you differently and determine how often you could come in and have it be beneficial, such as:

  • If you live by yourself

  • What social supports you have and how deep they are

  • What your relationship is like if you have one

  • If you’re single, how you feel about being single

  • What you’re going through in your personal life

  • What your stress levels are like

  • If you’re touch-starved and have no other outlets for touch

  • What your budget allows (though I have options in place to make it more affordable for repeat clients)

If you’re asking from a place of “I don’t know if it’s normal to want this as often as I want them," I’ll tell you right now: it’s not weird. I have clients that come in once a week, once every other week, once every three weeks, once a month, once a quarter, and some will do once a year even (I’ve been doing this a while).

If you’re asking from a place of “I don’t want to scare Sam off for how often I want to cuddle with her,” I’ll tell you this. Unless you’re looking and willing to cuddle with me every single day, it’s probably not too often. That said, I’d cap it off at maybe twice a week as what I personally can handle.

Start with having one session first. I recommend starting with a 90-minute session. If you find after your first session you want to keep coming for more professional cuddling sessions, I recommend you start with one a week or every other week and trying that out for 1-2 months and decide for yourself if you’re getting what you want out of the sessions.