People Come Back for: My Genuine Caring

As you can imagine, there are various questions I get often about snuggling with people I've never met before, but the one question I get a lot is: after the initial novelty of snuggling for the sole purpose of snuggling, why does anyone come back to do more sessions with you?

The answer is simple: because I care about them in a way that others might not.

The best example I can give was a session I had recently with a man that was diagnosed on the autism spectrum very late in life. He made people uncomfortable growing up, which made them physically distant from him whereas most people would gladly give a hug or a joking tap on the arm or even a high five. He received very little if any of these things. As a result, not only was he touch starved, but all of his relationships with people were held as a metaphorical arm's length. He could only connect with people on a certain level before they pulled away, physically and emotionally.

During our session, as I wrapped both my arms around him, I felt a familiar heave. This heaving feeling usually came from when I cried, but I did not make this heaving motion. No, it was coming from my client. He was beginning to cry as I held him. I heard him make sobbing sounds as I held him tighter, trying to console him as we laid together.

"I'm here for you," I breathed out between his loud sobs. "I'm here for you."

"Can you look at me?" he asked as I picked up my head from his shoulder and looked into his eyes, mustering the most genuine caring I could. He looked back, scared brown eyes searching me for any hint of falsehood. But there was none.

"I feel like you really see me," he sputtered out between heaves. I gave him a squeeze, rubbing the top of his right shoulder and lightly massaging his neck. "I've been with other snugglers, but with you I feel like you really care about me."

This is the most essential thing about becoming a snuggler: if you do not genuinely care about your clients, you will not be a good snuggler. People sense false feelings much more easily than you realize, and when you're so close to a person it's even harder to fake it. So comfort and concern in another's wellbeing are things that are things that must come naturally. If you are a natural nurturer, willing to help those that are coming from a background that you might not know personally but you can empathize their life and what they have been through, being a professional snuggler may be a really good fit for you.