Snuggle with Amy in NYC!

I am from the Mid-West but have fallen in love with the North East. I'd like to think that I encompass the fierce tenacity of New York City while maintaining the kind, hardworking nature of Wisconsin. I'm known for my quiet intensity, loyalty, and genuineness. I am capable of having deep, meaningful conversations or facilitating relaxing, comforting silence. An actor by trade, I have been studying people and behavior for years. I am emotionally versatile and aware of moods, delicate circumstances, and the unique needs of the human condition. I enjoy crafting, writing, listening to and talking about music, and spending time with animals or in nature.

Can travel: Yes

Can host: Yes

Located in: Astoria, Queens


Rates start at $80/hour.

For more information, rates for multi-hour sessions including overnight sessions, and to schedule a cuddle session, please fill out the form below.


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Keep in mind that all snuggle sessions are platonic and meant to be therapeutic. I do not offer sexual services of any kind.